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Welcome to LaCole Foots

When I start a new project, I usually tell my audience some variation of this phrase:

This will not be perfect.

Saying this does a few things.

First it reminds people that I am in fact human and fallible. I am unsure if that’s a remnant of impostor syndrome or if it stems from a genuine desire to continuously improve. I’m sure I will work to unpack that on this very blog. So tune in!

Secondly, it gives myself permission to fail which means everything else is lagniappe at that point. If I launch this site today and never post another post; if it doesn’t dig into my core professional expertise, uncover valuable lessons learned or illuminate a vision I have for my future career- as is my intent- then so be it.

Lastly, it liberates me from both of our expectations.

I’ll save us both the time of me explaining what I hope this to be and instead welcome you to join the ride.


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