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About Me

Artist. Analyst. Advocate.

My Art

I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old and that has taken various forms throughout the years. Whether it’s through my poetry, short or long stories, I try to be honest, vulnerable and real. 

I’ve had the privilege of sharing my work around the world. In 2013, I got to perform in the Australian National Poetry Slam.  You can see some poetry projects on lafootspeak, read some of my long form poetry or short stories on Vignette of the Day. 

My Analysis

Asking tough questions has become a bit of a forte for myself. It has also allowed me to be in some of the most incredible rooms with innovative minds and tackling the toughest problems facing my community. I like the idea of bound curiosity. What can we answer with the data we have? What can we solve with the resources available? How can we innovate within our constraints? 

But I’m also a fan of dreaming. How can we build a better tomorrow, today? 

As disciplines go, I am a Project Manager, Strategic Planner,  Data Analyst and Professional Coach. 

My Advocacy

If my life motto could be summed up it would be: Feel. Think. Do.

These are some causes that are near to my heart:   

Civic Engagement

Voter Rights

Animal Care

Nature Preservation

Student Advocacy

Know of any good service opportunities? 

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